Administration NOT Co-Publishing- Our administration deals WILL offer you everything only PROMISED in Co-Publishing deals, WITHOUT you having to give up any of your publishing. It’s just like having someone taking care of your publishing worries without giving up ownership.

Haven’t you always wanted someone to help build the value of YOUR business and NOT THEIRS? Full-Service Administration- Our Standard administration is far different from those you may have encountered in the past. Each and every song in your exiting catalog will be researched to assure that all are registered properly and all royalties are collected. On all new works we will obtain Copyright Registrations on your behalf, register the works at the local performance societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), issue all licenses, negotiate all fees, collect all royalties, and review all incoming statements. Exploitation Opportunities- Under our standard administration deals, we feature a variety of services including (a) song pitching, (b) film/TV placements and (c) license deals.

Whether you’re an artist, producer, or label, almost all of the services we offer will be valuable to you. We work diligently to get your material submitted on a wide variety of projects- all without our owning any part of YOUR copyright. Worldwide Representation- Veal-Steen Music Publishing and our international sub-publishing partners provide you with global representation.

Veal-Steen Music Publishing ensures that your product will be precisely tracked and all royalties will be collected regardless of where the transaction occurs. On-line access to view your account balance anytime you’d like- All our songwriters and co-publishers have continual on-line access to view their statements and account balances. Music Supervisors have access to search our data base for your songs for licensing- The music search section of our site allows music supervisors to search for songs to be used in commercials, motion pictures, all new media, ring tones, television, merchandise, sound recordings and other uses.



LABEL DIVISION Label Division- LGN Entertainment, a Florida- based label, will develop and record full-length albums to provide artists with production, marketing, radio promotions, publishing, digital distribution, physical distribution, synchronization and compilation licensing they need to succeed in today’s music industry.

With Veal-Steen Music Publishing's roster of songwriters and producers, LGN Entertainment will develop and record full-length albums.




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