Welcome to the Veal-Steen Music Publishing licensing page. In order to submit a request for permission to use a song from the Veal-Steen Music Publishing catalog, you will need to search for the song(s) you want first. Once you’ve chosen the song(s) you’re interested in please click the license button, complete the license request form and an email will be sent to the appropriate party for approval.

Veal-Steen's ability to license songs is facilitated by the fact that we maintain a song database of more than 4000 song titles including publishing, writer details, artist, release information and more. With this level of information Veal-Steen can finalize deals in a fraction of the time it would take individuals or independent labels and all songs are easy to clear and owned 100% both sync and masters.

Veal-Steen has a powerful online video compositing suite called SynchStage that allows you to audition our music with your own uploaded video. Expressly tailored for online video synching, our easy to use interactive software creates a true audio/visual composite, showing exactly what the selected music will look like with any video. You can visually offset the audio against the video, set cue points, control and fade volume levels, clip, edit, save, share, and collaborate with one another across multiple synch projects.

Building and sharing synchs online with SynchStage dramatically speeds up the license approval process by enabling key decision makers to literally get on the same page and discuss the potential of a track and video instantly.

Our creative team works with a trusted network of music supervisors, studio executives, music producers and agencies to navigate our large catalog, delivering hand-picked music to create moods and brand connections. Our experienced executives search quickly so music buyers can focus on the creative aspects of their projects.

Are you interested in finding music for your next project? Please feel free to contact us with any placement needs. Contact Steve Lane at [email protected]

For e-mail send to:
Veal-Steen Music Publishing
E-Mail: [email protected]

Phone: 321-914-0977 Ext-11
Fax:      321-802-5651

Visitors wishing to request a U.S. Mechanical License should send their request in writing to:

The Harry Fox Agency
711 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Attn: Mechanical Licensing Dept.
FAX: (646) 487-6779

Or click here for SongFile, HFA’s online Mechanical Licensing service

Any enquiries outside the US, please contact one of our Sub-Publishers who will be pleased to assist you.

Thank you for your request. We will do our very best to provide you with a speedy and accurate response!

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