Non Exclusive Deals


Have you submitted your music to Veal-Steen or any other publisher and your project was rejected or you don't want to sign an exclusive contract?

Would you like to work with Veal-Steen on a non-exclusive term and have your music pitched to our top
music supervisors, access the Veal-Steen Who’s Looking List to MAJOR ARTISTS who are currently seeking music for their next album, and get WORLDWIDE Digital Distribution to over 200 countries in over 400 on-line stores?

Veal-Steen has several packages that we are now offering to Songwriters and Artists who are looking to work on a non-exclusive basis.



JOBS- 1 Year

Would you like access to our updated Jobs list that only our exclusive songwriters have the privilege to view?

Working with Veal-Steen on a non-exclusive basis will allow you to access our updated Jobs list of Veal-Steen’s Music Supervisors that we are currently pitching for Film, Commercials, Video Games, and TV.

Veal-Steen works with the top Music Supervisors to place your music in Fox Sports, ShowTime, MTV, Disney, HBO, USA, TNT, Lions Gate, Miramax, Univision, Hot Import Nights, One Life to Live, ABC, Television, 20 Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Life Time, Paramount Dream Works, Sony Pictures, NBC, The Young and The Restless, CSI New York, One Tree Hill, 90210, CSI, Entourage, Sopranos, Tyler Perry, Monk, Flashpoint, Beauty and the Beast, Degrassi, and many more!

Our creative team works with a trusted network of music supervisors, studio executives, music producers, and agencies to navigate our large catalog, delivering hand-picked music to create moods and brand connections. Our experienced executives search quickly so music buyers can focus on the creative aspects of their projects


Veal-Steen’s Who’s Looking list consists of major artists who are seeking music for their next big project. You will have ACCESS to Veal-Steen’s list that is constantly updated with many MAJOR MAINSTREAM ARTISTS that are seeking new material for their next big project!



Veal-Steen represents many independent record labels and artist-owned masters. We can be the conduit to making your recordings available to virtually ALL digital stores and services in a safe and legal environment. Through our digital distributor platform, Veal-Steen distributes to over 400 on-line and mobile destinations WORLDWIDE in more than 200 territories. Mobile distribution is the KEY to expanding your reach in the digital space! Ringtones, Ringbacks, Wallapers, Full-track downloads, and Video Ringers are being offered by carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.



Full program package will allow us to pitch your songs to the Music Supervisors pitches and created team, Veal-Steen Who's Looking List and Digital Distribution.

This service was only allowed to our EXCLUSIVE signed Songwriters/Artists but now we are making it available to non-exclusive songwriters and artists!

*These packages can be purchased individually or as a bundle

** Payment for one or all of these packages means you agree that this does not guarantee your music will be accepted for licensing (film, TV, video games, commercials, etc.) or by major labels or artists, and that it also doesn’t guarantee your music will be purchased by customers of any and all of the aforementioned digital stores . Payment for one or all of these packages means you consent to our policy of no refunds, unless the promised access of any package is not granted in the allotted timeframe.

DON’T MISS OUT! Email Evan Jones at [email protected] for the non-exclusive package deals NOW and take your CAREER to the NEXT LEVEL!!

VEAL-STEEN is looking forward to working with YOU!

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