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Veal-Steen Music Publishing, a division of LGN Entertainment Distribution Inc., is a premier independent music publisher, licensing, royalty collection, publishing administration, and music placement company. From our office in Downtown Melbourne, Florida, Veal-Steen manages a portfolio of song copyrights, spanning from all genres of popular music.

Our emphasis has always been based on our three commandments, “protect, collect and exploit”. That is, protect your copyrights worldwide, find and collect all there is to collect (from the Wurlitzer Jukebox to the World Wide Web) and promote your copyrights in any and all creative medium.

We have a network of active, aggressive independent sub-publishers that covers the international markets by collecting our foreign royalties. The entire major and many smaller territories are covered, because as we have found, many of yesterday's and today's small market is often tomorrow's emerging market. Our foreign affiliates protect your music by registering all of your recorded works because in this ever expanding global industry, you never know if your American releases have been exposed in foreign territories except by virtue of meticulous foreign accounting and close communication with our sub-publishers.

Being independent, our foreign affiliates also provide creative services using your songs in their local territories wherever possible. If you’re up for a film project, we’ll make sure to get you the best possible licensing fee. If you need a top notch writing collaborator we’re “the matchmakers of music publishing. "If you’ve got an album coming out, whether it’s one song or a whole album, we’ll see it gets to the film companies for that current release to drop into their production. If you have a small or mid-size label or film production company, our services are varied and unlimited, from administration and royalty disbursement to soundtrack album services and music supervision.

Veal-Steen Music Publishing works with the top Music Supervisors to place your music in Fox Sports, ShowTime, MTV, Disney, HBO, USA, TNT, Lions Gate, Miramax, Univision, Hot Import Nights, One Life to Live, ABC, Television, 20 Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Life Time, Paramount Dream Works, Sony Pictures, NBC, The Young and The Restless, CSI New York, One Tree Hill, 90210, SCI Crime Scene Investigation, Entourage, Sopranos, Tyler Perry, Monk, Flashpoint, Beauty and the Beast, Degrassi and many more.

The success of this company, along with the growing client roster and most importantly, unparalleled client satisfaction, has made Veal-Steen Music Publishing a most desirable place for producers, songwriters and artists. 

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Lane at 321-914-0977 or via email at [email protected]
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